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The watch that lies ahead is the result of Holke Dijkman’s wide and interesting career. All his art and expertise, acquired from the Horlogemakers Vocational School in Hoorn through a tool maker to work with Christiaan van der Klaauw and van der Gang Watches, led to a watch with unprecedented specifications, especially in the Dutch watch industry.

His first job as a clock repairer ended in 1985 because of the duty of service. In the Army, Holke was an optical and mechanical instrumentator for, among other things, the viewing and targeting devices in tanks and armored vehicles.
In 1992, Holke came to the firm of W.Prins Matrijzen and Models as a tool maker. Here he gained extensive experience with milling, grinding, sparkling, manual finishing and polishing.
In 2001, a crucial step took place towards Holke’s own watch. Over a decade of collaboration with Christiaan van der Klaauw Astronomical Watches started this year. His work consisted of calculating gear transfers and making prototypes of these watches with astronomical complications. It is right to say that Holke made an important contribution to the development of Van der Klaauw to the internationally renowned watch brand that it is now.
After that, another three-year period followed at Van der Gang Watches in Dokkum, where Holke, in addition to repair and service, put together new watches.

To illustrate Holke’s ability, follow the specifications and some pictures of the following clocks:

Regulator “Classic”: This stylish classic second-level regulator has a 40 day job. The watch is 18 carats gold plated. The clock has a compensator blade with an Invar pendulum bar and is therefore very accurate.

The gold plated dial with silver plated rings has a separate indication for hours, minutes and seconds.

The high-quality finished clock is in a hand-built, wooden cabinet.





Regulator “New York”: Through the glass cabinet, the open-ended clockwork is beautiful! The pendulum comes out of the watch and the middle plateau seems to float. The 15 day work is driven by a weight in which the pulley is located. The clock has a compensation blade with an Invar pendulum bar, which makes it very accurate.

The dial consists of an hour / minute ring and a separate second indication of 2 x 60 seconds.







Table watch van der Klaauw: The table watch is a project together with Christiaan van der Klaauw Astronomical
Watches, with Holke Dijkman drawing for technical design, production and finishing.

This particular table watch gives you the status of the sun and moon in addition to the time. Under the glass bar there is a heliocentric planetarium with Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Below is the calendar.

This easy-to-use table watch is made from the very best materials, such as precious steel, granite and leather, with a silver plated dial.


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